Open to all pregnant people and their supporting partners.

Wednesday 17th February 2021 for 6 weeks

7:30-8:30pm GMT

Includes a free month of Mellow Mummas Online (our online membership site full of on demand classes and talks)

Full Price £38

Bring a friend £60 for two

Gift a place £76 (for you plus a gifted spot given to someone who otherwise wouldn't be able to join)

Access the replays only (no live attendance) £19



Stay mobile and mindful as you journey toward meeting your baby. Pregnancy Yoga is a beautiful safe space for you to safely explore movement, breathwork and realxation as well as dedicating time to connect with your baby. 

Every class includes:

  • mindful, nurturing, strengthening, mobilising movement

  • breathwork

  • guided relaxation

  • pelvic floor exercises

  • hip mobility

  • building strength and stamina

  • posture work

  • spinal mobility

Each week has a different focus:

Week 1: Foundations of safe and mindful movement

Week 2: Building strength and increasing mobility

Week 3: Hip and Spine Therapeutics

Week 4: Yoga for connection and relaxation

Week 5: Chair and Wall Yoga for everyday movement

Week 6: Positions and Breathwork for labour and birth

Classes are recorded (on teachers screen only) and sent out as a replay and recap within an hour of class finishing. So if this timeslot doent work for you, you can watch the replay in your own time. 


This course also includes a free month to Mellow Mummas Online - our membership site which includes:

  • pregnancy yoga for every trimester

  • post natal yoga

  • guided relaxations

  • breathing exercises 

  • functional fitness tips from Strong Like A Mutha

  • pelvic floor health talk and exercises from Rosie Davie - Womens Health Physiotherapist

  • ebooks and pdf reference guides


I want this course to be available to everyone who feels they need it. Payment options are:

  • Full Price Attendance £38 per person (birth partner can join in too, no charge)

  • Replays only (no live attendance) £19

  • If you are experiencing financial strain for any reason please choose - pay what you can. 

  • If you want to bring a friend or share the recordings with a friend please choose Buy one give one for £60. Making it £30 per person, saving £8 per person.

  • If you are financially able and would like to contribute to me giving the gift of yoga to under represented communities - please choose - Buy One Gift one for £76, that will ensure your place plus allow me to offer the course to one other person who may not otherwise have had access to the course.


Hi! I am Jenny, a mum of one, a yoga teacher and your guide on this 6 week journey. I created mellow mummas in early 2018 during my own pregnancy as a self care practice. My intention for Mellow Mummas is that it is an ever evolving, growing community of parents, parents to be and passionate pregnancy/post partum/parenting specialists. 

This inclusive and welcoming community will not only support pregnant people but also their birth partners on a conscious, mindful journey through rituals and practices all centred around self care, self discovery and self love. Birth partners play such a pivotal role in this journey and their support is so important which is why this class is open to them too if they would like to join you. The class is designed with the pregnant person in mind however they are beneficial for all as their foundation is about mobility, strength and balance. 

These classes will run in 6 week blocks. You are encouraged and welcome to come to as many 6 week blocks as you would like throughout your pregnancy. 

These classes are about passing on the collective knowledge so that your pregnancy toolbox is full of ideas and techniques you can draw on whenever you need, not just at this class. 

Find out more about jenny and mellow mummas on www.mellowmummas.com


I liked the short chat and absolutely loved the gorgeous affirmation cards. The standing exercises at the wall were great as they can be easily replicated at home.There was a good mix of different things happening in the class. No activity was too long and everything could be adapted as needed for different bumps and fitness levels.

louise, mellow mummas student

Jenny was lovely, really warm and welcoming. She was very encouraging as a teacher and made sure to demonstrate everything as well as coming round and helping. The atmosphere was very chilled and I felt like I'd been at classes before because of how I was welcomed.

claire, mellow mummas student



Creator of Mellow Mummas
Yoga Teacher & Mumma to Calla

Teaching pregnancy and post natal yoga brings me such joy, hearing how you feel relaxed, at ease and mobile after class makes me smile. I love sharing these mindful practices that have helped me throughout my yoga and pregnancy journeys. When im not teaching yoga or coaching my business development clients I am either playing with my 2 year old or baking bread, both of which I could talk about forever!




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