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Welcome to Mumma Meet Up's on Glasgow Green - the perfect place for mums and babies to connect, walk, and chat!

As a mum of three and passionate advocate for maternal mental health, I know how crucial it is to have a supportive community during the early stages of motherhood. That's why I've created this walking group, offering a safe and welcoming space for mums and babies of all ages to come together, enjoy the fresh air, and build lasting friendships.

Join us every two weeks for a leisurely one-hour walk around Glasgow Green, followed by a well-deserved hot drink and some friendly conversation. Whether you're a first-time mum or seasoned pro, you'll find camaraderie, support, and understanding among fellow mums who truly get it.

Loneliness and maternal mental health are real challenges for many new mums, but you don't have to face them alone. Our Mumma Meet Up's provide a sense of community, connection, and belonging that can make all the difference on your motherhood journey.


So grab your pram, bundle up your little one, and join us for a morning of friendship, company, and conversation. We can't wait to walk and talk with you!

About your host

Hey there! I'm Jenny Clark, your host for the Mumma Meet Up's on Glasgow Green.


As a dedicated mum of three and a firm believer in the power of community, I'm passionate about creating spaces where mums and babies can come together, connect, and support each other through the ups and downs of motherhood.

My own journey through motherhood has taught me the importance of friendship, company, and conversation, especially during those early days when everything feels a bit overwhelming.


That's why I've made it my mission to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for mums of all ages and stages to come together, enjoy a leisurely walk, and share in each other's joys and challenges.

Pushing a Stroller

How to 

To join in a meet up please click the link below which will take you to our WhatsApp group. In here we post about walk dates and times. We also share about other local events too. 

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