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Are you a dedicated birth professional, striving to provide exceptional support and guidance to your clients?
Do you want to enhance your offerings, save time, and provide your clients with high-quality instructional videos tailored specifically for birth preparation and postpartum recovery?
Look no further than the Mellow Mummas Class Library!


Our comprehensive online space is full of resources and practices designed to help expectant mothers prepare for birth. From pregnancy yoga and pilates to pelvic floor education, meditations, and relaxations, we provide classes, resources and recordings your clients can access to help them prepare for birth. 

Renowned for mindful birth prep, mellow mummas toolbox provides an additional service you can add into your offering for your pregnant clients. 

Pregnancy Yoga

With pre/post natal yoga specialist and creator of Mellow Mummas, Jenny Clark. Birth Educator and Yoga Teacher, Hollie Hylands Adams and pregnancy yoga specialist, Meghan Campbell

Pelvic Floor Education

With women's health and  pelvic health specialist, Rosie Davie

Guided breathwork

To soothe the nervous system and

let go

Pregnancy Pilates

With pilates teacher trainer, creator of Freshly Centred and author of The Science of Pilates, Tracey Ward


To relax, reflect and prepare. All narrated my Jenny, creator of Mellow Mummas. 

Post Partum Yoga

Helping your clients move safely, ease tension and regain a sense of self. 

I understand the challenges you face in curating a comprehensive collection of pregnancy-specific yoga, pilates, therapeutic movement, relaxation, meditation, pelvic floor education, and Breathwork classes for your clients. Searching through countless YouTube videos can be time-consuming and unreliable. That's why I've opened up the Mellow Mummas Class Library for you and your clients.


What makes the Mellow Mummas Class Library truly exceptional is the passionate team of experts. Every class in our extensive library is filmed by knowledgeable professionals who have experienced the journey of pregnancy and birth themselves.


I believe in the power of firsthand experience and empathetic teaching, ensuring that the content resonates with your clients on a deeper level.

By joining the library, you gain access to an extensive range of pre-recorded classes that cover various aspects of pregnancy, birth preparation, and postpartum recovery.


Say goodbye to spending hours searching for suitable classes on YouTube; we've done the work for you! With the Mellow Mummas Class Library, you can effortlessly incorporate our expertly curated content into your packages, providing your clients with exceptional value.

But that's not all! I also encourage collaboration and growth within our community of birth professionals. As a member of the Mellow Mummas Class Library, you have the opportunity to suggest content that you believe would benefit your clients. The dedicated team will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life, ensuring that the library remains dynamic and relevant to the needs of expectant mothers.

To foster a sense of camaraderie, I organise quarterly virtual meet-ups exclusively for library users. Connect with like-minded professionals, exchange insights, and expand your network. Join a supportive community where you can learn from one another, share successes and challenges, and find inspiration to further elevate your practice.

Pricing Options:

  • Up to 10 logins per year: FREE for 1 year. £18 per month after month 12

  • Up to 50 logins per year: £340 per year or £28 per month

  • Up to 100 logins per year: £580 per year or £48 per month

Take your birth professional practice to new heights with the Mellow Mummas Class Library. Embrace the opportunity to extend your offerings, save time, provide clients with top-notch instructional videos, and connect with an extended network of peer professionals.

Sign up today and revolutionize the way you support and guide expectant mothers on their transformative journey! Together, let's create a more relaxed and empowered birth experience.

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