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A packed online library you can stream from any device. Includes:

pregnancy yoga

birth preparation yoga

birth ball yoga

chair yoga

mobility and flexibility

early post partum yoga (0-9 months)

vinyasa yoga for 9 months post partum and beyond

restorative yoga for 9 months post partum and beyond

guided relaxation

guided breathwork

pelvic floor exercises for strength and relaxation

previous 6 week courses recorded live from zoom

varied in length from 10-60 minutes

Taught by:

Jenny Clark, Pre and Post Natal Yoga Specialist

Meghan Campbell, Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher

Hollie Adams-Hylands, Pre/Post Natal Yoga Specialist, Birth Doula and Birth Educator

Lyndsey Roberts, Pre and Post Natal Movement Specialist

Rosie Davie, Womens Health Physiotherapist, Pelvic Floor Specialist


Monthly Membership
Monthly payment
Cancel anytime

Join in at any stage of pregnancy or the post partum period.


6 Month Membership
One off payment

Join late second trimester or third trimester and continue your yoga practice into your post partum period.


12 Month Membership
One off payment

Join early in your pregnancy and practice right through your post partum period.


The latest upload is a 20 minute 3rd Trimester Practice using a birth ball. Find comfort, increase mobility and learn active resting poses for labour.