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1 thing I have done that has changed my negative self talk

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Ever have an experience that is hard to put into words? When someone asks you about it you say something like, yeah it was great! Responses like that don't do anyone justice, the experience isn't shared in it's truest form, the facilitator's skills, talents and passions are skipped over and the integration of what happened is pushed aside.

It has taken me a while to find the words to describe my Kobido massages with Martta. Our face is such a vulnerable part of us. A part that we share with the world all day, every day. A display of every thought and belief we carry. The first place that we place a theoretical mask over when we choose not to be or can't be genuine.

A lot of the time this is the first part of ourselves that we see in the morning, in a mirror and that sight invokes feeling which often times are negative and we begin to complain about the natural affects of life. Those complaints snowball. Did you know it takes about 200 times to think something for it to become a belief? So what we think when we first see our reflection, if we think the same thing for 200 days in a row it becomes what we truly believe about ourselves. And what we believe about ourselves effects how we interact with the world, how we face challenges, how we express ourselves.

Having someone touch my face with so much genuine care and love was an amazing experience. Yes there are physical benefits, we all love a before and after......eyebrows were a little higher, cheek bones were a little more pronounced and my chin was a little less puffy. Do they stay like that - not after one treatment no, but that's not what it's about, if you want one and done for ascetics only there are other options! This is a beautiful form of self care, one that will create change with frequent treatments but at a deeper level it will change your relationship with your reflection.

What it has left me with is a much gentler response to my morning reflection and that has a much more positive ripple than higher eyebrows.


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