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3 life changing benefits of a yoga retreat day with Mellow Mummas

Retreat days are more than a yoga class and a quick lunch together. I plan these days with intention and everything, every moment has a reason. The practices that we share on retreats stay with you for so much longer than just the day. There are 3 experiences that I hear the most from clients following their retreat days, read on to find out more and how they might benefit you too!

1. "I was able to reconnect with my body and ultimately myself, throughout pregnancy and post partum I feel like I changed so much physically it was hard to feel like myself at times"

For many of us, pregnancy and motherhood can be a time when we feel disconnected from our bodies. All the changes that occur – both physical and emotional – can leave us feeling like we no longer know ourselves. retreating to a place where you can focus on your breath and your body can help you to reconnect and feel more comfortable in your skin again.

2. "My brain is wired to others needs, I was able to sit that aside for the day and I really felt so much peace"

Parenthood is a chaotic time, and it can be hard to find a moment of peace and quiet. Retreating to a place where you can focus on your practice (and not have to worry about taking care of anyone else) can be a hugely beneficial way to recharge your batteries.

3. "I met some other mums and we are now meeting up for regular coffee dates and walks!"

There’s nothing quite like bonding with other mums who understand the challenges and joys of motherhood. At Mellow Mummas, our yoga retreats provide a supportive and friendly environment where you can meet other mums who are on their own journey of self-discovery.

So, if you’re looking for a way to reconnect with your body, find some peace and quiet, and meet other like-minded mums, a yoga retreat with Mellow Mummas could be perfect for you.

Why not come and join us on our next retreat? We would love to have you!

Check out the upcoming retreats here


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