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New year, new you? No thanks.

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Forget new year’s resolutions… 2023 at Mellow Mummas is all about learning to love yourself thanks to our empowering women’s retreats in Scotland.

It’s that time of year again – when so many of us feel the pressure to reinvent ourselves, to create new didn’t-reach-them-last-year goals, to hit reset on different areas of our lives, and to make promises to ourselves we know we’ll struggle to keep.

According to research by YouGov, 52% of the UK population will be making resolutions for 2023. But the stats (and the busyness of the gym floor by February) indicate that loads of people give up on their promises pretty quickly.

Because whether it’s losing weight, exercising more, saving money or spending less time on social media, every resolution has the same thing in common: that we need to be improved. That we need to do better.

Resolutions are underpinned by the idea that we’re not good enough.

But the truth is: we are. You are. More than good enough.

Because there’s no journal in existence, no regime you can sign up for, no magic pill you can swallow that will make your life better. It starts with you: with loving yourself and taking care of yourself. Of course, taking care of yourself may seem an impossible task if you’re in the trenches of postpartum life, if being a member of the sandwich generation (caring for your children and your parents) demands a lot from you, or if perimenopause is making you feel all the feels.

Setting new year’s resolutions when life is pretty demanding already? Hell no – you don’t need any extra demands placed upon you!

You’re already amazing, powerful and strong. You don’t need to change to be ‘enough’.

2022 was a pretty special year for Mellow Mummas. I hosted yoga brunches, mumma meet-ups and pregnancy retreats. I launched a business toolkit for employees who are pregnant or postpartum, and filled my in-person retreat days with incredible experts, life-changing experiences, amazing food and even online resources to use after the retreat day. That’s not to mention a year spent connecting with awesome female-founded businesses and enterprises that help support women from pregnancy and motherhood to beyond.

2023 promises to be even more amazing, and this year it’s all about reconnecting. This year, thanks to my online toolkits, my busy social media inbox, and my in-person retreats, I’ve really come to recognise the power of connection. Perhaps it’s because, in this post-Covid world, connection has felt seriously lacking in recent years.

Now I embrace it. I celebrate it.

At a Mellow Mummas retreat, we connect through movement, through laughter, through sister circles, and through sharing good food, our struggles, and our laughter.

Connection heals us. Connection lets us see ourselves reflected in other people. Connection helps us realise that we are good enough.

A Women’s Empowerment Retreat with Mellow Mummas will help you see how awesome you are. You’ll be introduced to life-enhancing practices that you can use at home. You’ll celebrate your inner goddess alongside like-minded souls, share nutrient-dense foods to fuel your body and mind, and fully embrace your feminine power with a confidence-boosting boudoir photography shoot.

You’re more than welcome to join me and a carefully chosen group of wellbeing professionals for our next intimate, empowering experience day. It takes place on March 12th 2023, nestled in the woodlands of West Lothian. I’d love you to come celebrate how amazing you are and take that step into loving yourself.

Or, if you’re pregnant, why not join me for a Pregnancy Retreat Day on February 26th 2023? We’ll connect, relax and move, celebrating and nurturing the growing bond between you and your baby, and preparing for birth.

But don’t just take my word for it. “Jenny and colleagues created such an inspiring, safe and supportive space for our group. I came away feeling more connected to my baby, empowered and informed, and part of a tribe of lovely mamas!” (Bea Anderson, retreat attendee).

Once you’re onboard with a Mellow Mummas retreat day, you’ll never feel the pressure to make new year’s resolutions again. Because you’ll understand – deeply – that you are already enough, and so worthy of love.

Join us here. Affordable payment plans to spread the cost are available.

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