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Rediscovering Sensuality: My Journey Hosting a Women's Retreat

When I started hosting retreat days last year year, I never imagined the incredible impact it would have on my life and the lives of others. This retreat was particularly special because I had the honor of collaborating with some amazing educators and hosts to create a truly unique experience for our guests all about self appreciation, confidence and inner worth. All my retreats will involve some level of personal growth but at this one, we got right into the work and wow, was it memorable.

The collaboration between us hosts meant that our guests were able to experience a wide range of activities, each designed to help them connect with themselves and each other. From the women's circle, to the sensual movement class, to the confidence workshop, and finally to the fine art boudoir photoshoot, each activity built upon the previous one, allowing our guests to truly immerse themselves in the experience.

We started the day with a women's circle and some meditation and supported breathing. We talked about what we were celebrating about ourselves, set a confidential container, and opened up a space for conversation. That's when some really powerful sharing and storytelling started to happen. I spoke about the sisterhood wound that can hold us back from forming heart-centered connections with other women. We physically and emotionally supported each other, sang, and even shed a few tears.

Then Jennifer Graham, a sensual movement coach, led us through a sensual movement class that was truly life-changing. Before Jennifer's class began, she spoke about what sensuality means and how it's different from sexuality. She explained that sensuality is about experiencing pleasure through all of our senses, not just physical touch or sexual acts. It's about being present in the moment and fully engaging with our environment, whether it's through taste, smell, touch, sight or sound. Jennifer talked about how sensuality can enhance our daily experiences and help us feel more connected to ourselves and our bodies.

She also touched on the difference between sensuality and sexuality, explaining that while the two are related, they are not the same thing. Sexuality is more focused on physical intimacy and sexual expression, while sensuality is about experiencing pleasure and sensation in a broader sense. Jennifer's class was all about helping us tap into our own sensuality and find new ways to experience pleasure and joy in our daily lives. It was such an eye-opening and empowering experience! I've never felt so in touch with my body and my


After that, we had a confidence workshop with hypnotherapist Katy McDowall, who helped us tap into our inner strength and confidence. I really felt a renewed sense of confidence and belief in myself. I realized that many of my own limitations and doubts were self-imposed, and that by shifting my thoughts and beliefs, I could truly transform my life. The confidence workshop was a powerful reminder that we have the ability to change our own mindset and beliefs, and that doing so can have a profound impact on our lives.

But the highlight of the day was definitely the fine art boudoir shoot with Rebekah Malloy. She made everyone feel so seen and celebrated in their own skin.

Rebekah was an absolute delight. Her positive energy and confidence in her craft was infectious. She had a way of making each and every one of us feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. She made us feel comfortable in our own skin and encouraged us to embrace our femininity.

Rebekah guided us through some poses but also encouraged us to tap into what Jennifer guided us in meaning we were swaying, moving, dancing and of course, with rebekah, laughing! Her attention to detail was second to none, from the placement of our hands to the arch of our backs. She knew exactly how to capture our inner beauty on camera.

I watched some of the women both go into the room for photos and walk out and I was struck by the transformation. These were the same women who had walked into the retreat feeling nervous and unsure of themselves. But now, they were radiating confidence and power. Rebekah had captured something truly special, something that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Making friends as adults can be really difficult, especially when we lead such busy lives. But during the retreat, I noticed that the attendees seemed to form a really strong bond with each other. We all came from different walks of life, but the shared experience of the day really brought us together. There was a sense of vulnerability and trust that developed over the course of the day, and I know that many of the attendees left with a few new friends. It was so beautiful to see these connections being made, and I truly believe that the support and encouragement that was shared during the retreat will continue long after the day was over.

As we wrapped up the day, I facilitated a final exercise that involved sharing feedback with one another. Each guest got to share something about someone else and how they impacted the day. It was truly incredible to hear all the kind words and compliments being exchanged. As I sat there, I realised the power of the small moments and how much impact they can have on someone's day. Being seen, heard, and celebrated is such a powerful feeling, and it was beautiful to witness it happening in real time.

I feel a sense of awe at what we had all accomplished. We had come together, mostly strangers and left as sisters. We had shared our stories, our struggles, our triumphs. We had laughed and cried, danced and posed. We had co-created an experience that was truly magical.

It was incredibly rewarding to see our guests leave the retreat feeling empowered, rejuvenated, and seen. I personally felt so fulfilled knowing that I had played a role in creating a safe and supportive space for these women to connect and grow. Collaborating with other hosts and educators truly brought something special to the table, and I can't wait to continue creating unique experiences like this for others.

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