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Want a little more shut eye?

Are you a tired parent just like me? With my second baby I will admit, things are a little easier, only because I understand a bit more about what creates an optimal sleep environment. That understanding did't come easy. I trawled how to blogs, social media accounts and online courses looking for a quick fix. Of course there is no real quick fix but there are some tried and tested tips you can implement into your day that, with consistency, will help your little one get a better rest.

My top tips:

1. Get up at the same time each day. This ia a great way to set up the day and it really helps with step 2 and 4 below too!

2. Figure out your childs wake windows. These will change as your child grows. During each wake widow I aim for an eat, play, sleep cycle, this means we are not feeding to sleep and her sleep cues are pretty clear toward the end of this cycle.

3. Set up a safe and optimal sleep environment. Visit the Lullaby Trustfor safe sleep info. As well as whats on here I aim the room to be dark with some white noise playing.

4. Be consistent! It is common to get pulled in various directions as you try to figure out whats best for you. Give positive change time and stick with them!

5. Educate yourself. Work with a sleep consultant or take an online course. Our 90 minute webinar with Nuture Eve Sleep Support is a great place to start. It is packed with truth bombs, guidance and tips from Angela, a sleep and wellbeing expert. Click here to find out more.

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