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Top 5 Gifts for Mothers Day

Every year around about this time I google Unique Mothers Day Gifts with the hope of finding something I hadn't thought about before. There is a part of me that wants to boycott mothers day. Every day of the year should see mothers celebrated and loved! But each year it comes around and Im both a gift giver and an excited receiver!

My top 5 gifts for mothers day

  1. A easy to care for plant and pot.

I have a pet hate - let me tell you about it. I hate receiving flowers. Typically someone will come to the house with a bunch of flowers and give you them as they come right? Then you have to do the work - trimming them, finding a vase (i can never find the flipping vase) and then you need to remember to change the water and to take care for of them. Thennnnnn get rid of them a few days later! It all seems a bit much! So my first recommendation is get an easy to care for plant. But whatever you do don't give it in those little plastic plant pots - get a nice pot for it to go it and while I'm in the details of this - make sure the pot fits! (been there, done that!) The plant giving vibe has definitely got a bit more popular and you might be lucky to find an awesome little plant shop like Apercu or Plant Mama. If you are dead set on flowers then go the one step extra - trim and place them in a vase for her!

2. Book them an appointment for a treatment

Notice that this doesn't say voucher! Why? Because I have vouchers for things I have completely forgot about. My life if FULL. TO. THE. BRIM. If you give me a voucher I will be absolutely grateful. Will I intent to use it? Yes! Can I say for sure I will use it? Nope! My headspace is max'd out, The mental load I carry each day scares me. I'm not kidding. So rather than a voucher actually buy them the experience. Make sure they can make the date, book it then YOU DO THE WORK. If that means getting kids bags and lunches packed and off to the grandparents - YOU DO THAT. Then she can head off alone or you drop her off and pick her up, let her press pause on that mental load for a while. Andddddd if this mumma had a tonne of stuff on her to do list that day that makes her feel like this appointment isn't a priority it is your job to turn that around. That to do list is your now. And when she gets back make sure there is nothing pressing needing done that will pull her out of her relaxed headspace. If I just had a massage or a spa day then came home to piles of laundry to put away, dirty dishes and a floor to mop I would be quickly swept out of dreamland and back into reality. Try let the appointments benefits last as long as possible!!

If you are also in Glasgow check out Talitha Joy or Four Pillars Therapies

3. A photoshoot

I can guarantee you there are thousands of photos of the kids. How many photos are of parents and the kids? And how many of mum and her kids? If there is one thing I never regret paying money for it is professional photos of me, my family and the kids. They are memories and moments that will never come back. I think there is something so beautiful about looking back at them together too.

I love seeing the moments that often go unseen, the candid moments in between the smiles. If you are in Scotland - check out Kayleigh Powney and Emily Gilmour, both create stunning images and having worked with both of them I can honestly say both make me feel so comfortable in front of the camera and had me in tears when they sent through their galleries!

Every year I now make a photo album wth Snapfish. I fill it with all my favourite pictures of the year, both professional ones and blurry selfies! They all have their place.

4. A mindful activity

Search about for events in your area where she could create something. I used to have a goal and it was to go to a craft workshop every month for a year. I didn't manage the year but I did learn some beautiful crafts which I still do from time to time. These were; macrame, flower arranging, flower crown making, candle making, crocheting, calligraphy and brush lettering. The beauty of learning something like this takes focus. Laser focus, so the thinking brain can chill for a while. If you commit, engross yourself in it and soak it all up then the world around you sort of blurs away - you forget the things needing done around the house, the looming deadline for work, the grocery checklist for tomorrow - the mental load lessens momentarily and in that space it creates - is life, presence, joy, connection, fun.....the list goes on. Even if the outcome is not going to be on the mantel piece the act of making something cannot be underestimated. I loved my caligraphy workshop with Toasty Type and next on my list is some pottery at Spin Pottery

5. A Mellow Mummas Retreat or Yoga Brunch

If the person you are buying for is pregnant then check out the upcoming Pregnancy Retreat Day in Muirend, Southside, Glasgow on March 26th. A day of yoga, birth preparation, post partum planning, nourishing food and mini photoshoots to celebrate this mum to be!

You can find out all the details about it right here.

If that not for them then keep an eye out for the next Yoga Brunch by Mellow Mummas - a space for yoga and connection for mums.

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