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What you need to get started at your Mellow Mummas Classes

Creating your own yoga space at home doesn't take much, read on to find out what you will need and how you can improvise.

You will need the space for your yoga mat (or equivalent size of space) plus about a meter around it. You will want to be practicing somewhere you can easily reach up overhead so avoid under a slanted ceiling! If your looking for a yoga mat, check this one out. If you dont have one yet dont let that put you off getting started, clear the space and just have a towel handy to fold for under your knees for kneeling poses.

Other yoga props you will need are:

  • 2 yoga blocks, to improvise use some thick books, you could even wrap the books in a light towel for comfort.

  • a yoga strap - to improvise you will want to have a belt, dressing gown belt or scarf handy, something non stretchy and quite strong.

  • a yoga bolster - to improvise you can get two bed pillows, fold them slightly length ways and stuff inside a t-shirt!

  • some classes use a chair - a dining table style chair is best for this or any chair that when you sit to ward the front edge and place your feet on the floor, your knees are not higher than your hips. If you feel your knees are way lower, place your blocks under your feet for those seated poses.

  • a throw, blanket or towel you can fold up for some padding for under knees in kneeling poses.

  • a cozy layer and warm socks for relaxation (room temperature, climate and weather dependant)

Practicing at home can bring its distractions, try to clear your space as best you can and you can transition yourself and your space by:

  • closing the door to your space if possible

  • dimming the lights of using a lamp instead of ceiling lights

  • spraying a scented room spray or putting on a diffuser

  • playing some music - Mellow Mummas playlists can be found here on spotify (you will need a premium account to listen ad free)

If there is anything else that you have found can help with practicing at home please comment below.

Enjoy your practice!

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