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Family Wellness
Networking and Business Development Day!


Are you passionate about supporting families through their journey into parenthood and beyond? Are you a professional working with pregnant individuals, postpartum mums, dads children, or caregivers? If so, mark your calendars for a transformative event designed just for you!

This is a day dedicated to networking, learning, and business development in the family wellness industry. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this event is your opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, gain valuable insights, and take your business to the next level.


Why you should attend:


Forge meaningful connections with fellow professionals in the family wellness industry. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and build collaborative partnerships that can elevate your business and expand your reach. 


Business Development: 

For the past 12 years I have worked for a global brand of experience in business, leadership, and community development. Discover practical strategies for growing your business, attracting clients, and making a positive impact in the lives of families.

Community Building

Join a supportive community of fellow professionals who share your passion for empowering families and promoting holistic wellness. Celebrate successes, overcome challenges, and grow together as leaders in the industry.


About your host

It's me, hi! Have we met properly? I'm Jenny, creator of Mellow Mummas. I have over a decade of experience in business, leadership, and community development having worked for a global retailer since my backpacking in Australia days many years ago.


I am a multi passionate entrepreneur and bringing people together to spark positive change is my superpower, wether its meetings, workshops ,retreats or 1x1's - I see and appreciate the art form in gatherings.


As I grow Mellow Mummas in various directions within the Family Wellness Sector of Scotland I am blown away by the passion, wisdom and drive that I see in my peers -IE you! There is one thing I hear a lot of in my peer based conversations and that is that they want to grow their business whilst maintaining their values, reach their ideal client and convey their message with confidence.


So I am bringing my superpower to you and creating a day which will be the first of many where we get to work ON our business instead of only IN our business. I am distilling my pervious 12 years of experience and bringing you the best of the best so that you:

- feel connected to others in this industry

- can refer clients with confidence

- can collaborate with your peers

- can be supported in your challenges

- support others in their growth

I would love for you to join in this day.

  • Do parents/caregivers stay with the children all day?
    Parents and caregivers do not stay with the children all day. However, we invite you to observe the first 10 minutes of the session from the waiting room to get a glimpse of the activities and environment. Additionally, you are welcome to join us for the last 15 minutes at pick-up time to see your child's progress and end the day with them.
  • What if my child has dietary restrictions or allergies?
    Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or allergies in advance so we can make appropriate accommodations. We aim for a nut-free environment by asking all parents to ensure all lunches are nut free.
  • What should my child wear?
    Children should wear comfortable, stretchy clothing suitable for yoga and physical activities. Avoid restrictive clothing and jewelry.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Refunds are given to cancellations of 7 days or more from the camp date. Cancellations with less than 7 days notice cannot be refunded.
  • My child falls just outwith the age range, can they still come?
    Please email me to discuss
  • What happens if my child feels unwell during the camp?
    If your child feels unwell, we will contact you immediately using the contact information on your booking form.
  • What communication is there for parents during the day? Can we get any updates or pictures?
    A WhatsApp group is set up for each day camp and all parents for children attending that day are welcome to join. In there we will post pictures, videos and provide updates on the day.
  • Can I enroll my baby in the baby yoga course if they are not yet crawling?
    Yes, you can enroll your baby in the baby yoga course even if they are not yet crawling. The classes are designed to accommodate infants at various stages of development from 6 weeks to crawling.
  • What age range is suitable for the baby yoga courses at Mellow Mummas?
    The baby yoga courses at Mellow Mummas are suitable for infants aged 6 weeks up to the crawling stage.
  • How does baby yoga help with baby's development?
    Ive written a blog post all about this.
  • How long do the baby yoga courses at Mellow Mummas run for?
    Each baby yoga course at Mellow Mummas runs for a duration of 6 weeks. See the next course dates by clicking below .
  • What should my child bring?
    Please send your child with a nut-free, low-sugar lunch and a filled water bottle
  • Can babies come to the Motherhood Retreat Days?
    These day are just for the mummas, sorry!
  • What support or services do you offer for pregnancy?
    For those who are pregnant I have: - a online class bundle you can stream from any device and practice along with at home - a planner and journal that you can buy in either a physical or digital version - I also have a free downloadable guide all about repairing for birth. You can find all of this under the Pre Natal section of the website menu. If you are looking for more 1x1 or bespoke pregnancy support please reach out directly.
  • Is there a payment plan option for the Motherhood Retreat Days
    Yes there is, choose the deposit option and I will be in touch to set up your payment plan.
  • What can I expect from the networking sessions?
    It's networking but probably to as you know it. We will start the day with some business development and introductions so when it comes time for networking you will already have heard from everyone so you can get right down to the good stuff! You'll have the opportunity to share experiences, exchange ideas, and build collaborative partnerships that can enhance your business and professional growth. The attendee list with names, emails, websites and social media handles will be shared post event for ease of continuing conversation.
  • What if I need to leave early or arrive late?
    While I encourage attendees to participate in the full event for maximum benefit, I understand that circumstances may arise. Please inform me in advance if you need to adjust your attendance time, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.
  • I'd like to attend but I am 'on call' on that date
    I understand that professionals in the family wellness industry may have unpredictable schedules. To secure your spot while accommodating your on-call responsibilities choose the 'On Call' Deposit. This way your balance will not be required until the day of the event. As with the other deposits, it will be non refundable due to overhead costs of venue and catering booking.
  • Who is this event for?
    This event is tailored for professionals working in the family wellness, including hypnobirthing teachers, doulas, photographers, yoga instructors, and anyone passionate about supporting pregnant individuals, postpartum mums, children, parents, and caregivers. if you are unsure if this event is right for you please reach out. Keeping the attendees industry specific means you will get the most out of the day.
  • When is the next one?
    The next Networking & Business Development day will be in August or September
  • Can I bring promotional materials or samples to share with other attendees?
    Absolutely! I encourage you to bring promotional materials, business cards, or samples of your products or services to share with other attendees. This is a great way to showcase your offerings and attract potential clients or collaborators. If you wish to contribute a sample of a product or service to the whole group please reach out.
  • Will lunch be provided at the event?
    Yes, there will be hot drinks and pastries on arrival and lunch approximately 12 noon, Dietary Requirements can be put on your registration form.
  • Can I stream the classes on any device, and do I need any special equipment to participate?
    Yes, you can stream the classes on any device with internet access, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You may want to have a yoga mat, a comfortable cushion or blanket for support, and props such as a bolster and yoga blocks.
  • What does the online pregnancy yoga class bundle include?
    The online pregnancy yoga class bundle includes a collection of prenatal yoga and pilates classes designed specifically for expectant mothers. These classes cover various aspects of pregnancy, including relaxation, gentle stretching, breathing techniques, and poses tailored to support your changing body throughout each trimester.
  • How long do I have access to the online pregnancy yoga classes?
    Upon purchasing the online pregnancy yoga class bundle, you will have six months of unlimited access to the classes. This gives you the flexibility to practice yoga at your own pace and schedule, allowing you to revisit classes as often as you like throughout your pregnancy journey.
  • Can I attend a Motherhood Retreat Day if I am pregnant?
    Yes, you are absolutely welcome from 12 weeks up to 37 weeks pregnant. The content of the retreat is not birth specific (I say that to distinguish it from the Pregnancy retreats)
  • Do you offer 1x1 pregnancy support?
    I can offer 1x1 support virtually or in person within 10 miles of Central Glasgow. Please reach out to discuss a bespoke support package.
  • Family Wellness Industry Networking & Development
    Family Wellness Industry Networking & Development
    Wed, 28 Aug
    WEST Brewery
    28 Aug 2024, 10:00
    WEST Brewery, 15 Binnie Pl, Glasgow G40 1AW, UK
    Join me for a day of business development, collaboration and connection
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