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So you might be wondering, what is a mother blessing?


It is a collection of meaningful moments, rituals, stories and readings. In contrast to a baby shower, which is focused on the baby, a mother blessing holds space for the rite of passage that is matresence, the change from maiden to mother. The intention is to cocoon the mumma to be in love, support and strength as she embarks on this life changing journey. 

Held during pregnancy, this special event can be be organised by friends or by the mumma to be.

Birth preparation like this is not available in a book, in an antenatal course or on you tube. 

This ritualised experience will cocoon the mother to be in love. Hosted by Jenny, creator of Mellow Mummas, these experiences take place in circle and will be overflowing with meaning and blessings for the mothers journey. Weaving together story, intention, wisdom, memory, joy and power.


What to expect

I will guide you through a heartfelt ceremony honouring the transition to motherhood. Unlike traditional baby showers, this gathering focuses on nurturing your spirit and providing love and support as you embark on this transformative journey. It's not just about presents for the baby; it's about celebrating you, the soon-to-be mother.

This intimate ceremony can be held anywhere—from your home to a rented space—and is designed for those seeking deeper connections, meaningful rituals, and the embrace of the sacredness of pregnancy. Invite those who are fully supportive of you and your birth choices, creating a circle of love and positivity.


With an ideal number of guests ranging from 2 to 12, you'll experience a deeply personal and empowering celebration that leaves you feeling uplifted, loved, and ready to embrace motherhood with grace and confidence.

Initial Enquiry

30 min Zoom call consultation

Secure your booking

Fill out this enquiry form and I will be in touch via email

Next stage is a quick call to talk over your wishes for the event and see if we align. I can share initial ideas and will follow up with a proposal. 

50% of the fee will secure your date with the remainder due 1 week before the event date. 

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