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Baby Yoga vs. Baby Sensory

Updated: May 18

As a new parent, you are often bombarded with an array of classes and activities for your baby. Two popular options are baby yoga and baby sensory classes. While both offer unique benefits, they cater to different needs and approaches in early childhood development. At Mellow Mummas, our chiropractic-approved baby yoga focuses on low stimulation, mindfulness, and purposeful movement, setting it apart from the high-energy, multi-sensory approach of baby sensory classes.

Baby sensory classes are designed to stimulate your baby's senses through a combination of music, flashing lights, textures, and interactive activities. These classes often feature a lively atmosphere with a variety of props and materials aimed at engaging babies and encouraging sensory exploration.

At these classes you might experience:

Stimulation of Multiple Senses: The varied activities in baby sensory classes aim to develop your baby's sight, hearing, touch, and even taste and smell.

Enhanced Cognitive Development: The rich sensory environment may help improve your baby's brain development and cognitive skills.

Social Interaction: These classes provide a platform for babies to interact with each other and for parents to connect with one another.

However, the high-energy environment may not be suitable for all babies, especially those who are easily overwhelmed or have specific sensory sensitivities.

In contrast general Baby Yoga classes focus on nurturing touch and movements to support baby gain their body awareness, loosen up any tightness and work on their genral development. Which is GREAT. But you know who also needs a but of movement, mobility and!!

New parents often find themselves caught in the whirlwind of caring for their newborn, leading to long periods of holding, feeding, and soothing their baby in various positions.

This can result in stiffness, back pain, and overall physical discomfort. During my own experince of this I would often refer to feel like I've woke up as the tin man. Maybe you can relate!?

Incorporating stretching, movement, and mobility exercises into your daily routine can be immensely beneficial. These activities help to alleviate tension, improve posture, and increase flexibility, making it easier to handle the physical demands of parenthood. Moreover, engaging in regular movement can boost energy levels, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being, enabling us parents to be more present and active in our caregiving roles.

By prioritising our own physical health through simple, mindful practices, we can better support our own needs while nurturing our little ones.

So If you are seeking a more relaxed, mindful approach to support your baby's development, baby yoga might be the perfect fit. The calm environment helps reduce overstimulation, allowing babies to explore movement and connection in a safe, nurturing space. Plus, the focus on caregiver involvement means you get to be an active part of your baby's developmental journey.

At my classes you will experience:

1. A Low Stimulation Environment: My classes are intentionally kept calm and soothing (as much as is possible becase as with the nature of babies sometimes there is crying, moaning, burping - all the baby sounds!) I avoid flashing lights, lots of props and loud noises, allowing your baby to relax and feel secure.

2. Mindful Movement: Every stretch and movement is purposeful, aimed at supporting your baby's physical development. Gentle yoga poses help to loosen their fascia, prepare their bodies for crawling, and activate their propreoception and vestibular system through balancing moves.

3. Caregiver Connection: The bond between you and your baby is paramount. Our classes emphasise mindful interaction, encouraging eye contact, gentle touch, nurturing touch and breathing exercises to deepen your connection.

4. Chiropractic-Approved Exercises: Our movements are designed with input from Katie from Connected Chiropractic, who is a pre/post natal and infant development focused chiropractor. So you can trust that all baby movements, stretches etc are safe and beneficial for your baby's developing body.

5. Holistic Development: While baby sensory classes focus on sensory stimulation, baby yoga provides a more holistic approach, promoting physical, emotional, and social development.

Both baby sensory and baby yoga classes offer valuable experiences for you and your baby. However, if you prefer a gentle, low-stimulation environment that prioritises mindful movement and caregiver connection, baby and me yoga with Mellow Mummas might be just what you're looking for.

Join me for a baby and me yoga class in Glasgow and experience the gentle difference of baby yoga. Your baby deserves the best start, and that begins with you.

Mum doing baby yoga stretches with her 4 month old baby


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