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What do you REALLY need for baby? My recommendations and favourites for early days post partum.

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

There are a few obvious things like a cot, car seat, pram, clothes etc. What what about all the other things? Things that you get and think - why did I not know about you!

This is my list! This is what I personally used during the early days of post partum with both my babies.

A baby wrap and / or carrier suitable for newborn. I use a stretchy wrap that was gifted in the Scottish Baby Box from the government. I also have an ergo baby with a newborn insert however for the newborn phase I never used the ergo I only used the wrap.

Safe sleep place - moses basket, cot, bassinet, or next to me

Swaddles or zip up swaddles. I used Love to Dream Zip up swaddles and they were amazing - they place babies arms in a really comfortable position - a position you would see them adopt if not swaddled - hands up by ears. The zips are great for the night time changes as they can be on in seconds!

Hakka manual silicon breast pump. I used this a lot and caught let down from the breast I was not feeding on. I also used it to release engorgement when my milk came in on day 3 - although this can also be done by hand if needed. For feeding - if you are experience difficulties please seek professional advice from a lactation consultant. If using a pump you might also want milk storage bags.

Electric breast pump. If you plan to pump this is a no brainer. I don't pump very much but i am glad I have it there.

Silver Nipple Shields. I had some nipple trauma in the first week and these helped them heal. I popped them on in between feeds, they also stopped the nipple touching anything which felt really good when I was in pain. Again - if you have pain feeding - please seek professional help.

Nursing bras - professional bra fitters can measure you during pregnancy and make a very good educated guess on what size you will need for post partum. I had some really soft seamless ones ready to go for early days post partum.

I also had these nursing vests which I love and still wear now. The bra part is so soft and stretchy. I have about 6 of them and I literally wore them every day in the early post partum days. I would pair this with a loose t-shirt or top for easy feeding.

Peri Bottle. This is a must have. My doula prepped one for me with luck warm water for my first bathroom trip post birth and it felt so good. Post birth your labia will be very swollen and you may have stitches so using a peri bottle after visiting the bathroom is the best way to clean yourself. Also - during this time - don't wipe - gently pat instead!!

Sitz bath. I had a little sit bath that was an insert to the toilet. I actually used this to birth my placenta while sitting on the toilet! You can add some luke warm water to bring ease to that area.

Nursing pillow. This will help your back pain that most people get from feeding and cuddling! Yes the height can be achieve with pillows however the ease of a nursing pillow is so great. You can use them for baby as they grow for example it can surround baby as they learn to sit!

Stoke Steps Chair with Newborn adaptor. I LOVE this chair. I have it for both girls. The newborn adapter means that as a newborn, when in it, Toula was at table height. So when we were all eating together she was there too, able to see everything going on. I found it to be really bonding for her and I think it has hugely helped with her moving onto solids. The newborn adapter for the top has a bouncer and non bouncer option. We had the bounder one and it was great. It folds down really small so I actually used to take it to the gym when I went to the post natal course and Toula was happy in there as I worked out.

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