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Building Business Connections: The Power of Collaboration in the Pregnancy and Parenting Industry

Group of women, showing support for one another by creating a circle with their arms around the people next to them.
Supportive Community

One mindset shift that has really helped me when diving into working in pregnancy and parenting industry and it is - collaboration is not just a strategy—it's a relationship and relationships are where everything grows from.

Here at Mellow Mummas, I've had the privilege of working with some amazing of collaborators (a lot of whom I met on good old instagram) who've brought their unique expertise and passion to our community. From physiotherapists and hypnotherapists to photographers and doulas, each collaboration has brought so much insight and growth for myself and a huge amount of meaning to my clients at the events.

I can honestly say that collaborations with life minded professionals who share my commitment to supporting expecting and new parents is one of THE most rewarding parts of my work. Together, we've organised events, workshops, and retreats aimed at empowering families on their journey through pregnancy and parenthood. It's been inspiring to see how each collaborator brings their own unique perspective and skill set to the table, enriching the experience for everyone involved.

As I gear up for my upcoming networking and business development event, I'm reminded of the power of collaboration in driving positive change and growth in our industry. This event is not just an opportunity to connect with fellow professionals—it's a chance to foster meaningful relationships, share insights, and explore new opportunities for collaboration.

I'm excited to see how our collective efforts can lead to greater impact and success in supporting families on their journey to parenthood.

So here's to collaboration—to the shared experiences, the collective wisdom, and the transformative power of working together.

I'm grateful for each and every collaborator who has been a part of the Mellow Mummas journey, and I look forward to continuing to build connections and create positive change in the pregnancy and parenting industry. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of families everywhere.

Having quite a few collaborations under my belt now I thought I'd share some of my key takeaways.

  • Identify Potential Partners: Look for professionals or organisations whose expertise complements yours and who share similar values and goals. Consider reaching out to them to explore potential collaboration opportunities. A cold DM might go down like a brick though so get o their radar, share some of their reels, comments on their posts etc. Meaning when you do reach out your name will ring a bell for them

  • Build Relationships: Take the time to build rapport and establish trust with potential collaborators. Get to know them personally, communicate openly, and demonstrate your commitment to mutual success. Collaborations flowed as well fr me when I jumped in too fast. So get to know them, what is their business, read through their website, their services figure out who their clients are, if they have a podcast listen to se if your values align. Then arrange a zoom or in person coffee date to get to know them more before taking the next step and collaborating. If you are a yes then take it slowly - instead of going all in on a big event maybe collaborate on a insta live or podcast, test the waters!!

  • Clearly Define Roles and Expectations: When getting started on a collaborative project, be clear about each party's roles, responsibilities, and expectations. Establishing clear communication channels and setting realistic goals will help it go as smoothy as possible. Keep the comms high!

  • Celebrate Successes and Learn from Challenges: Celebrate achievements and milestones reached through collaboration, and take time to reflect on what worked well and what could be improved. Use each collaboration experience as an opportunity for growth and learning.

  • Keep it going. After the event keep in touch, businesses grow and evolve. there might be more opportunities right around the corner.

  • Be their social media cheerleader. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Show your new business bestie some social media appreciation - I am sure the same will come back in your direction! Other accounts sharing about you is great social proof and can do wonders for your own client journey!

If you are based in Glasgow and curious about what connection and collaboration could do for your business then check out the next Networking and Business Development Day here


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